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People often ask who I am and what I do. That is a good question. I am Karen-Marie Crowe. First and foremost, I am a nurturer. As a person responsible for others’ lives, I have studied health, nutrition and emotional wholeness since 1982. I am a mother, a foster parent, a wife, an artist. When my family outgrew their need for nurturing, I channeled that force of energy into becoming a Certified Bio-Energetic Technician and Meridian Stress Analysis Practitioner. I work in collaboration with doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and others in the Healthcare Field to help you make the best possible choices as you embark on the journey of responsibility for your health.

My personal journey into healthcare came as a result of stress and the “invisible disease” of fibromyalgia and a brain on fire. My family couldn’t SEE anything wrong and so did not understand or comprehend the pain I was in. With 6 children in the house they simply thought I didn’t want to work so hard. I get it now, but back then it was tough. While I had always studied health and nutrition, this time I had to grasp it for myself. I learned which supplements would calm my brain and what foods made it worse. I eventually released 70 lbs. of fat and inflammation.

In early 2018 I was rear ended twice with resulting traumatic brain injury. Fortunately, I was already using the VoxxLife neurotechnology and it, as well as the other tools I offer, helped to deal with the multitude of issues that presented themselves. Because of that car accident I learned firsthand the benefits for people experiencing balance limitations, concussions and the other neurological issues issues that presented themselves. Had I not possessed the tools my story would have turned out quite differently. I can’t say the restoration process was fun. I can say restoration is possible for those who are committed to healing.

In my practice, I offer a strategic and customized approach tailored just for you. I use cutting edge technologies like Qest4 , VoxxLife, BEMER, Enzymes and Essential Oils to uncover root issues, as well as, present answers to health challenges and emotional heaviness. Each supplement is tested specifically for you to ascertain that it balances root issues and exactly how much is needed before being recommended.

I offer cooking classes: whether you simply desire to spice up your meals, add nutrition to foods for growing children, or whether you are looking to learn the time-honored traditions of cultured foods and bone broths- I am here for you.  I am a mix of cultures from South Georgia and South Louisiana (Cajun Country.)  I laughingly call myself a Spiced Peach.

I love to cook and have volunteered with Whole Foods in their Cooking Classes for over seven years. In those years we cooked a plethora of dishes from Low Country, to dishes from Italy, France, Spain, Japan, and Thailand. My favorite food to cook used to be Italian, but learning I have Hashimoto’s pushed me to go gluten-free to protect my thyroid.

That was in 2006 and since then learned to replicate almost everything I used to cook—gluten-free. I even learned to replicate my beloved gumbo by creating my own flour for the roux. My favorite cooked foods now all lie in the Paleo realm. In 2006 I also met a woman who was to become my mentor in fermented foods, Lupa Irie. She laid the basis for my involvement in kombucha, ginger beer, beet kvass, kefir and sauerkraut. Neither of us knew back in those days where I would go with this.


"So back a couple of months ago Karen did a diagnostic bio feedback to see what where some of my hidden physical issues. The results were astounding! She concurred without any previous knowledge some of the same findings that were previously found from a local Holistic Neurology Chiropractic Doctor. She found other issues as well.

The best part is she was able to advise what to take as a natural solution. The response was incredible! Took the things remedies she mentioned and, in a few days, my left elbow of nearly 2 yrs of issues with bursitis began to clear up and completely gone after 2 weeks. Something I forgot to mention is the diagnostics came up with an issue with my right hand index (pointer) finger.

Crazy thing the diagnostics revealed a problem with my index finger from the joint to the tip of the finger. Now she had all of my attention, unannounced to her I had an Auto Mechanic accident that nearly took my right index finger off from the outer joint to the tip. I severed the nerves from the inside of the index finger starting at the joint. Hats off to a wonderful experience with truly a revealing way to bring hope in a holistic remedy.

This is cutting edge technology that is worth a value that is priceless. My hopes for anyone who is reading this to take advantage of this approach to in better yourself. There is hope and a path which isn't dependent on masking the symptoms but truly dealing with the root of the problem holistically.  "


Leo J.

"I enjoyed taking this exam administered by Karen-Marie at Your Vital Wellness.  Although a bit apprehensive at the beginning, I was comforted by Karen-Marie when she explained how the test worked.  When the tests were performed on me, she THOROUGHLY educated me on the results & how I could heal naturally.

I am a strong believer in natural healing & this is the best process I have experienced.  Western doctors really need to incorporate this into their practice."

Pamela H.

"I have been a Biofeedback Practitioner for over 20 years.  I have helps thousands of patients with the Asyra / Quest technology and have trained many doctors and staff in the use and application of this incredible system.  In all my years I have never had someone like Karen-Marie!

She was so fast and efficient in learning the proper protocols of guiding clients through the difficult course of self correction and healing.  She soaked it up with such desire and skill, it was as if this is what she found her calling. She finally gained clarity on how to help people energetically as a standard of care along with healthy eating and lifestyle.

I feel very confident in sending my clients to her, for they are in good hands."

Dr. Mark

I went to Karen with significant inhalant allergy problems.  I could not walk in the grass without having welts begin to form all over my body that would make you want to tear the skin off your body it itched so badly.  I had Karen treat me with her Quest device and got significant relief from it.  They’re not gone, but it helped significantly.

John L

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