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We live in a fast paced, toxic and stress filled society that offers little time off for sickness or disease. When you are not feeling your best and don’t know why Qest offers a simple, noninvasive way to evaluate the organs, glands and systems of the body. It notes the imbalances and searches for frequencies to bring balance to these areas. Balanced energy equates to health. Schedule your appointment today.

Qest4 is a 10th generation Bioresonance technology that is intuitive, noninvasive and completely objective. Being the 10th generation is has submitted to many innovations that result in it being one of the most advanced, user friendly and impartial technologies available. Being completely unbiassed, it’s use in a clinical setting is incomparable.

Qest4 gives instant responses to help identify underlying or root causes to health issues and what the body needs to create a solution. In minutes, up to 40,000 items may screened. When scanning it sends frequencies into the body that ask the body,” Is this an energy pattern that is relevant for you?” If it looks for a normal heart and is rejected a screen will show up with several possibilities. We then try each one until we complete the circuit. Then it will reveal the possible solution.

Some of the Protocols offered include, but are not limited to, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, Heavy Metals, Emotional Stressors, Food Sensitivity List, Dental Profile, Metabolic-Digestive Profile (Weight regulation), Nutrient Deficiency, Hormone Profile, and Neurotransmitter Profile.

Our goal is to support the entire body holistically. We look at the emotional, physical, spiritual, and structural details and then we can paint a picture of what is going on behind the bodies veil. To do that we use a cutting-edge technology called Bioresonance that customizes protocols for each individual person. Using the technology, we give the body the opportunity to find what it needs to restore itself. In fact, the power of the technology, is that it is the client’s own body that shows us the technology’s potential. Where exactly did the body break down and what does it need to fix it?  This answer is offered completely objectively with no conjecture from the Technician.

How long has this been around?

Bioresonance is not new. It has been widely accepted in European countries by medical practitioners, alternative health practitioners, dentists, and veterinarians since the 1970’s. The reason it is not widely accepted here in the States is because research is generally funded by drug companies. It is expensive. As the technology doesn’t involve drugs it is simply less researched. Bioresonance simply provides the ability for the body to affect its own cure. It gives the body what it needs so the body can restore itself.

Are there side effects?

Studies have shown that other than the rare occasion of an unpleasant “healing crisis” if a person’s body releases toxins too quickly, there are no side effects.

How long does it take?

This is not an instant cure. The body took time to break down and it will need a season to heal itself. The length of time needed for your program will depend on several things: compliance, supplementary strategies, your mental, emotional and physical starting point, stress point, hydration, nutrition and exercise level and the quality of your sleep.


Using state of the art computer software we can assist the body in ferreting out and removing the negative emotional influences that undermine our health and happiness. Too often these blockages restrict our true potential for success. In many cases, we find inherited emotions that directly affect our money story.  In other cases, they can be causal or root issues for ill health.

As children, many of us heard things like, “Money is the root of all evil,” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Making money is hard.” This can result in a life long battle with success.  Others may have grown up in homes with abandonment or anger. We carry these things with us unaware of their trigger. Too often, these emotional imprints result in us continuing to generate destructive patterns as partners and parents.

We employ EFT in the form of G.E.M. Therapy as well as, emotional neutralization, to identify blockages in the body and to clarify the areas of emotional baggage without reliving the trauma. We explore the concerns that might be contributing to the issue at hand and the order that they are to be removed. Some of the things discovered through this testing include Feelings Causing Issues, Generational (Did this come in through Mother, Father or Both Parents) Source of Disharmony, Words, Negative Ideas, Key Belief Statements, Body System Affected and Affirmations.

In emotional neutralization, we find trapped emotions and Heart Walls, where/when they came in and get rid of them. We find the positive emotions that are needed to replace the negative and imprint the frequencies of these words/ideas into essential oils, drops or when desired into crystals. If desired, we will explore what Bach Flower Essence or Bush Essence might support you in your healing process so you can live a happier healthier life.

H.N.S. Remote Testing

Qest4™ testing will determine energetic imbalances indicating: • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies∙• Absorption/Digestive Disorders• Enzyme Deficiencies• Heavy Metal/Environmental Toxicity • Pathogens• Oxidative Stress Levels• PH Issues• Blood Sugar Imbalances• Kidney and Liver Function• Hormonal Imbalances

Remote HNS Instructions: In the morning, before you brush your teeth, swab your mouth with a Q-tip and place in a Ziploc bag. Next, cut a lock of hair from around the neck area or if you have a hairbrush that only you use, you may brush your hair and use the hair from that brush to place in a Ziploc bag. Last, cut some finger nails/toe nails or both and place in a Ziploc bag. Please make sure you have your name and birthdate on each bag.

If you are a new to us, please fill out the clinical appraisal form and watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGj2FFhEfdg&feature=youtu.b e   The above video will give you clarity regarding the scan you are to receive and help you be ready with questions you may have. Print out and complete all areas of the clinical appraisal form and send with your samples.

Please make sure you submit your DNA complete with Name, Address, Phone Number, Birthdate, and Gender with samples. The samples will be good for testing up to 7 days, so it is not necessary to overnight the kit to us.



"So back a couple of months ago Karen did a diagnostic bio feedback to see what where some of my hidden physical issues. The results were astounding! She concurred without any previous knowledge some of the same findings that were previously found from a local Holistic Neurology Chiropractic Doctor. She found other issues as well.

The best part is she was able to advise what to take as a natural solution. The response was incredible! Took the things remedies she mentioned and, in a few days, my left elbow of nearly 2 yrs of issues with bursitis began to clear up and completely gone after 2 weeks. Something I forgot to mention is the diagnostics came up with an issue with my right hand index (pointer) finger.

Crazy thing the diagnostics revealed a problem with my index finger from the joint to the tip of the finger. Now she had all of my attention, unannounced to her I had an Auto Mechanic accident that nearly took my right index finger off from the outer joint to the tip. I severed the nerves from the inside of the index finger starting at the joint. Hats off to a wonderful experience with truly a revealing way to bring hope in a holistic remedy.

This is cutting edge technology that is worth a value that is priceless. My hopes for anyone who is reading this to take advantage of this approach to in better yourself. There is hope and a path which isn't dependent on masking the symptoms but truly dealing with the root of the problem holistically.  "


Leo J.

"I enjoyed taking this exam administered by Karen-Marie at Your Vital Wellness.  Although a bit apprehensive at the beginning, I was comforted by Karen-Marie when she explained how the test worked.  When the tests were performed on me, she THOROUGHLY educated me on the results & how I could heal naturally.

I am a strong believer in natural healing & this is the best process I have experienced.  Western doctors really need to incorporate this into their practice."

Pamela H.

"I have been a Biofeedback Practitioner for over 20 years.  I have helps thousands of patients with the Asyra / Quest technology and have trained many doctors and staff in the use and application of this incredible system.  In all my years I have never had someone like Karen-Marie!

She was so fast and efficient in learning the proper protocols of guiding clients through the difficult course of self correction and healing.  She soaked it up with such desire and skill, it was as if this is what she found her calling. She finally gained clarity on how to help people energetically as a standard of care along with healthy eating and lifestyle.

I feel very confident in sending my clients to her, for they are in good hands."

Dr. Mark

I went to Karen with significant inhalant allergy problems.  I could not walk in the grass without having welts begin to form all over my body that would make you want to tear the skin off your body it itched so badly.  I had Karen treat me with her Quest device and got significant relief from it.  They’re not gone, but it helped significantly.

John L

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